Posted on 25-09-2008
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Yesterday DownItNow! 0.0.3 was released, but I didn’t have time to do the usual blog post so here it is.

In this release we added more functionality to the UI. For example, now it shows the Download Speed, or the Time Missing for download completition. And the Downloaded Percentage is now a sleek progress bar!. And if you don’t want to have all that information, you can hide and leave just the one you want using the Preferences Window.

The plugin system also got better, now each user has an own folder for storing his/her plugins, apart from the system-wide one. So now you can stop your computer mate from spying on your exclusive plugins, in a really easy way!

So you know, go ahead, download the latest version and enjoy!

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Posted on 13-09-2008
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DownItNow! version 0.0.2 was released today. It includes exciting features, like a new plugin system, some preferences, four translations and better code. You can get it from the Download Page, as a deb, a tar.gz or a tar.bz2.

I’ll soon add some documentation on how to code plugins. After all, it’s PHP, most web coders can do plugins for DownItNow!

By the way, if you want to see DownItNow! in your native language, you can help translating here! Whan you translate will be included in the next release.

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Posted on 24-08-2008
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Some days ago I started to code DownItNow!. It currently can handle downloads, but it is still missing several important functions, like settings, proxy support, MD5 Checking, etc.

The Graphical Interface was taken from gwet, so if you are familiar to it, moving to DownItNow! in the future won’t be a hassle. I modified the Interface a bit, so you will probably see some things changed, but it shouldn’t bee too different.

Well, I will continue coding now. Expect a beta soon!

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