You can download the latest DownItNow! release from the project’s Launchpad page. If you don’t want to find your way through all the files there, we provide you here with some direct download links 🙂

DownItNow! is available in the following formats: a deb package, for Debian, Ubuntu and other derivatives, or a gzipped tar archive or bzipped tar archive, for all other Linux Distributions

If you install the deb, you will probably also need php5-gtk2 installed beforehand, as it is not usually available on the default repos, and it’s needed for DownItNow! to run. You can get the php5-gtk2 deb package from here.

I hope you find my program useful, if you have any suggestion to make, remember you can contact me via email: downitnow (at), or you can always fill a bug report in Launchpad.